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We strongly believe that you were led by God to find us! We have a simple vision burning in our hearts: To boldly declare the good news that God so loved each one of us, that He gave us His Son Jesus to restore us back into His family as His children. We want the world to hear how the message of the cross really makes a difference in people's lives! Joseph Saul Portillo has been called to deliver the Message of the Cross to save unbelievers and to deliver the Theology of the Cross to equip believers.
Wherever you are in life, we invite you to make this site an extension of your home and a place you will visit often. We pray this website will be such a blessing to you that you will share it with others. Please navigate throughout the site to learn more about ConsiderGod.org and please visit our Facebook Page and Vimeo Channel or "contact" us and let us know how we can be of service to you.
Media Ministry and Resources
Saul Portillo
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Eye opening prophetic revelations concerning end time events and how they are unfolding before our eyes. Unlock Bible prophecy to see what the future holds.
The Scriptures come alive through the practical and easy to comprehend teachings from Saul Portillo. The Bible is a living book addressing all aspects of life for today. Come study with us!
We are not defined by what we know but Who we know. Join Tanya Portillo in her devotional journeys. You might discover your defining moment.
Follow Jacob on his youth ministry work and get a contemporary perspective about what is like to serve Jesus as a young person.
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Christ-centered Theology from the Ministry of J. Saul Portillo
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Grab your headphones and
enjoy inspirational sermons by Saul Portillo. Listen to
teaching, preaching, and
devotional podcasts that will
stir your mind and soul.
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